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Non-12 Step Rehab

non 12 step rehab treatmentNon-12 step Rehab is finding and fixing the problem. Many people have heard of and many have tried the 12 step programs drug and alcohol rehabs and most have continued anxiety and relapses.  Alcohol abuse or drug dependency is typically uncontrollable self-medicating the pains of anxiety, fear or situation that is painful and consumes your life.  Many drug rehabs and hospitals provide 12-step programs for the simplicity, social support of others and little or no cost. Yes, there is some relief, but continued anxiety just brings back relapses.

At the Crosby Centers because our team of doctors can usually find the cause and fix it. We provide advanced technology and a team of doctors therapists and specialists for accurate diagnosis and specific individualized treatment plans for adjustment, stabilization and sustained recovery. Holistic treatment means looking at the whole person Mind Body and Spirit often with little or no medications.  Because of the results and successful outcomes, most insurance will refer you here and pay for your treatment at the Crosby Center.

The consultation is free of charge. We also provide flexible financing options to assist you in obtaining the treatment you need. Call now- 858-385-9399

What We Do Different

We provide multiple tests and with the most advanced technology and a treatment team that together work with each patient individually and we get results when others have failed.

If you have legal issues, …we offer clinical letters for your release for DUI, Court ordered rehab.


The Holistic Dual Diagnostic Approach

We recognize that anxiety, depression, emotional disorders often lead to over self medicating and addictive behaviors.  An addictive behavior (when not predisposed) usually stems from abusive environments, traumas, inappropriate sexual encounters that often lead to eating disorder, over medicated prescriptions or other circumstances of emotional or psychological issues.  There’s usually underlying unresolved issues that are isolated in the hypocampus and regulated by the amygdala part of the brain.  Many cases are just diagnosed Bipolar to qualify for medications under insurance.  Generally there are current situations that trigger the emotions and one seeks relief through alcohol abuse, prescriptions or self medicating the emotional pain for relief. The underlying psychological issue creates a vicious cycle that is difficult to identify without advanced technology and experienced doctors.

Controlling emotional issues can be resolved with neuro-biofeedback or hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulate the neurotransmitter flow to the prefrontal cortex to improve memory, your ability to organize and most of all to regain emotional stability.

The result? Affective adjustments with little or no medications for sustained recovery.

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The consultation is free of charge. We also provide flexible financing options to assist you in obtaining the treatment you need.

Most insurance will pay for treatments at the Crosby Center and you can contact us today for a free consultation! Just call 858 385-9399