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Treatment Programs for Professionals

treatment programs for professionals

Drug Rehab Treatment Programs for Professionals

At the Crosby Centers Treatment Programs for Professionals, we are sensitive to the confidentiality and the very special needs of each professional: executive, athlete, entertainer, medical professional and others. Our treatment programs for professionals have been developed to address the requirements of our high profile clientele. Therefore Confidentiality is an absolute. 

The Crosby Centers provide treatment programs for professionals confidentiality, extraordinary accommodations and effective diagnosis and treatments for results.  You have access as needed via your cell phone and various means of travel.

Crosby has maintained its reputation for success and confidentiality because unlike other facilities, we NEVER promote our facility by disclosing your identity or status. 


The Crosby Centers help you “fly under the radar”  *anonymously, no-one will ever know you received treatment. Our luxurious residential retreat is nestled in a private, remote, secure, undisclosed location.




The Crosby Centers are one of the leading Drug Rehab Centers in the nation.  Crosby ranks highly among the nation’s most respected, admired and trusted by professionals. Major hospitals and university refer their patients to Crosby.  




Don’t wait for the inevitable? Don’t suffer another day or put your family, career or your health in danger.

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Crosby is sensitive to the individual needs of executives. We provide a luxurious home like setting that is secure but not restrictive. Our program allows executives to recover without having to give up their careers to do so.

To help employees avoid high-risk behavior, the Crosby Center’s programs are individually developed and personalized with EAPA’s and the client, to fit management systems, commitments and personal needs.

Athletes & Entertainers

Many Celebrities can only leave their commitments for days at a time.  Subsequent to diagnosis, we offer enrollment in a private out-patient program. This provides for therapeutic support and  maintenance for 6-12 months.   Further private therapy supports psychological and social issues that are associated with their high pressured professions.

Our doctors have accurately diagnosed and treated many high-profile celebrities, professionals, athletes, executives, clergy and dignitaries. They come our Retreats to rest and regain control of their lives.


Medical Professionals

In the medical and dental profession, a personalized special diversion program has been created and our experienced professionals can help the impaired professional without the risks common in most facilities. This program is recognized by panels, boards, courts and agencies nation-wide.

Legal Professionals

The Professional’s Program provides the flexibility for those in the law profession by accommodating their career obligations with flexibility during treatment. The Crosby Center ‘s Law Professional Program is in supportive role with associations, EAPA’s, coLAB and The Other Bar,dedicated to professionals and their careers absolutely anonymously and with support for 3 years included.

Utilizing the Most Advanced Technology to provide lifelong recovery

There are neurological root causes why you feel and act the way you do. The Crosby Centers treatment programs for professionals and The Neuroscience Institute utilize the most advanced brain imaging technology to identify the areas of your brain which are, in part, responsible for your addiction or disorder. Our advanced testing methods help Crosby to develop a dual-diagnosis. This diagnosis helps guides your team of specialized, doctors, therapists and specialists to addresses not only an addiction but the underlying emotional triggers which might drive your addiction.  Crosby offers the only treatment of its kind, individualized treatment programs for professionals customized for each client. Other facilities can only attempt to heal what they can see. At Crosby our advanced technology allows us to see what others can’t and address the emotional and physiological causes for your recovery. 

Your team of doctors strive to:

  • Foster a culture of superb clinical and operational performance, as well as responsive and compassionate care.
  • Provide distinguished individualized programs and services of excellence that build upon a tradition of clinical innovation, psychological-neurological treatments.
  • Remain at the forefront of advances in addiction and psychological dual diagnosis treatments
  • Provide superior capabilities, facilities and technology for the full continuum of personal care services.
  • Continue to provide holistic and new therapeutic models that normalize systems and brain malfunctions-, …thus opening new opportunities for effective natural healing.


Individualized Care is a focus, with our best accommodations for your comfort.

Many stars and professionals have recovered at the Crosby Centers and no one ever knows. Each program is individualized and allow you access to computers, cell phones and a sundry of services. Participants can maintain communications and presence which helps maintain anonymity.

treatment programs for professionals residential suite

Another optional accommodation is a huge Presidential Suite with luxurious private bathroom centered around a marble Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a 60″ TV, an over-size California King bed, amour, a circular executive desk, fax and phone, a walk-out balcony with miles of views for your enjoyment, meditation and your comfort.

Before you make any decisions-ask questions and get the facts- Not to worry-, … today, as a professional you do not have to learn how to live with , pain, anxiety, fear guilt or an addiction. At the Crosby Centers, you can enjoy individualized treatment programs for professionals in comfort and without the risks.

High profile individuals and professionals wishing to keep their treatment “out of the public eye” will be right at home in our luxurious Presidential Suite. Our strict confidentiality policies and secure undisclosed location will satisfy your special needs for private rooms, suites and luxurious comfort, absolutely confidentially. No one will ever know you were here. If preferred, an alias may be used.

Almost daily you hear of another celebrity, from Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan to John Goodman and “Miss America” Tara Connor, trying to break free of the bonds of addiction.  More stars are seeking help than ever before (or society has been paying much more attention).  Many come to heal in the beauty and security of our undisclosed location. The Crosby Centers,Treatment Programs for Professionals…. absolute confidentiality.

Anonymously Serving The Entertainment, Sports And Professional Occupations,

Distinction, Sanctity & Privacy

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