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nfl players at crosby centerToday at The Crosby Centers, we have something special to offer patients. Through modern technology, The Crosby Center can monitor brain activity in real time, and together, with our certified doctors and clinical staff, design a holistic treatment plan individualized just for you. We can find the cause, …and help you fix it.
We have an unprecedented reputation for results.superbowl segment


Crosby’s program is so successful, Crosby Sports Treatment was featured on ESPN’s SuperBowl Pre-Game show. Watch Crosby on ESPN click on “Finding a Purpose After Football”

The Crosby Center brain scans show and identify the real factors which may contribute to your fear, anxiety, depression, drugs or alcohol self-medicating and emotional behavior, …and we accept most major insurance. Our unique treatment helps us to identify and treat the consequences of brain injuries, emotional traumas and PTSD, which are among the most debilitating personal injuries any victim can sustain. Left untreated the consequences are often progressive, and sometimes fatal. They affect not only the injured person, but family members and close friends as well.

At the Crosby Centers, with our advanced technology our specialists assess and accurately diagnose NFL-player’s concussion damage and provide accurate reports for all claims.

Details for various conditions, treatments and options is just a phone call away.
Call 858 385-9399 and just ask for a clinical coordinator, we can help!

If you have legal issues, …we offer Nation-wide, clinical letters for your release from jail or prison; door-door, Court ordered rehab.

Prescription medication alone is not enough. Many drugs, if taken for more than 90 days, can contribute to premature aging, have emotional side-effects, physical fatigue and sexual and other dysfunctions. The overuse of prescription pain and sleep medications can result in addiction and injury or death. The real question is “what is the cause”?

For many years, all credible scientific evidence leads to the conclusion that individuals who suffer repeated and cumulative emotional trauma or head injuries are at significantly increased risk for brain malfunctions that lead to aggressive behaviors, abuse, drug and alcohol self medicating and dependency.

We have successfully treated hundreds of individuals over the years, from all walks of life that have suffered with emotional disorders, pain, bipolar, PTSD, bereavement resulting in anxiety-depression, eating-disorders, self-medicating substance (pills-alcohol) abuse, various abnormal emotional or addictive behaviors, and we get results.

Crosby Center California is secluded, very confidential, and is nestled in the naturally therapeutic mountains of the Southern California Coastline. You can get the relief you need and enjoy the rest of your live.

It is because of our advanced technology, Amen Clinic brain-scans, experienced doctors, and results that patients are referred to the Crosby by insurance companies, Corp. EAPA-Members, hospitals, doctors and addiction specialists from across the nation.

You have choices, you can just rehab a problem to live with it  or  most insurance will pay for personalized clinical treatments, so why not find and fix it the cause?

What makes Crosby different than any other program in the nation; RESULTS-reputation!

  • Most referred by hospitals-insurance-previous patients
  • State-of-the-art Advanced Technology
  • Brain scans, Multiple tests for accurate treatment plans
  • A team of Experienced Doctors, Therapists & Specialists
  • Integrated individualized therapy, and the technology for measurable results
  • Most Major Insurance Accepted. Med
  • FLEXIBLE 14-90 day programs
  • Specialists in treating co-occurring disorders PTSD, Anxiety, OCD, Panic, Depression, Eating Disorders, Drug/Alcohol-Addictions
  • Mental Health-Autism, Schizophrenia- and more.
  • Follow-through Candeo program daily for 6-months

At Crosby Center California, we admit only 16 patients at a time. Each patient is carefully assessed, accurately diagnosed, individual personalized treatment plans and we get results.

Crosby Accepts Most Major Insurance for payment
We do not accept Medicare, Medi-Cal, Tri-Care or similar Government Programs
Find out more, flexible 14-90 day options.
Call Crosby Direct: 1-858-385-9399 for more details.

The Crosby Center gets results where others have failed.  Ask a clinical Coordinator for more details.


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CROSBY FOUNDATION: Help someone, make a tax deductible donation that could help a soldier or someone less fortunate.  You can make a difference in someones life today.  Ask about the scholarship programs, it will help you too. The Crosby Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity. 858-385-9399

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